Juan of the Dead

08.24.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

When I heard about this film on QuietEarth a few months ago, I began waiting impatiently for a video clip.  Which is a lot like waiting patiently, except my staring at the wall is occasionally punctuated by pointing at the cat and yelling, “Why isn’t it here yet?”

Er, anyway, the movie’s about a slacker in Cuba who spots a money-making opportunity when a zombie outbreak occurs: killing people’s infected loved ones for cash.  As the outbreak grows out of control and Cubans flee the country by sea [political subtext much?], Juan drops his slacker ways to become the hero who stays behind and takes back the country, one improvised weapon to the neck at a time.  It’s the heartwarming story of the summer.

“You’re changing those zombies’ lives.”

“Naw, they’re changin’ mine, cabrón.”

I smell Oscar.

One more trailer available at BleedingCool.

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