Kill Your Fat Cells With Ice Instead of Fire. Or Suction.

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09.10.10 2 Comments

If there’s one surefire way to make money in America, it’s by offering people new ways to get rid of fat that don’t involve eating right or exercising. Even if the lazy method of doing so is actually kind of disturbing and scary.

So say hello to the CoolSculpting system, which literally freezes your butt off. It removes your love handles by freezing the fat cells under your skin, which kills them. Then your body gets rid of the dead cells via your body’s normal cell shedding process (apoptosis, your vocabulary word for the day) over a few weeks, and there you go, up to twenty percent of your love handles have been frozen off.

Despite being kind of disturbing (isn’t this basically selectively applied hypothermia?), it does at least have some advantages, such as not requiring surgery. So instead of having a vacuum cleaner jammed under your skin, you’re just killing your cells with an ice weapon. That’s…better? We think?

[ via MedGadget ]

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