Killing Nuns Is An Achievement In Red Dead Redemption (In Real Life, Not So Much)

05.20.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

Ok, we’re all familiar with video game fun being misinterpreted by the media…like the Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas Hot Coffee mod (Why wouldn’t you want your kids to know how to have good, player-controlled sex?) or the Dante’s Inferno “Bad Nanny” achievement (Sure, you’re killing the souls of unbaptized children…but the operative word here is “unbaptized.”).

So the latest one that ill-informed reporters on Fox news will soon be reporting on is from Red Dead Redemption, where you can get an achievement called “Dastardly” if you tie a nun to a railroad track and watch her get run over by a train, creating a spray of bloody nun-chunks. Now, of course this is just a reference to the classic “Snidely Whiplash” tying-a-lady-to-the-railroad-tracks technique. But, of course the media’s going to read some sort of anti-religion stance behind something that’s really just misogynistic.

Nun-sploding video after the jump:

[Topless Robot]

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