11.20.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

No, this isn’t about the SNL sketches, it’s about an actual product that actually exists, FroliCat Bolt Lasers.  This sign of the apocalypse beams a red dot around the room in random patterns, to drive your pets crazy.  You need this.  Moving your own arms is too hard. Remembering which end the light comes out of is so confusing. Now, with FroliCat Bolt Lasers, you can re-enact Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglass’s’s’s scene from Entrapment  IN YOUR OWN HOME!

I want to use this on my cat till she’s run so ragged she’s laying on the floor with sore sides and groaning, “Milk was a bad choice.”  Did that sound perverted?  Because I want it to.

That said, the award for “best laser-chasing video” still goes to Crackhead chases a laser (second video below):

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