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12.30.09 4 Comments

ABOVE: Press for ice. [imgur]

Only one way to describe the banner video here: The spice must flow. [Filmdrunk]

Forks, Washington, the town Stephenie Meyer set Twilight in (without having ever visited the place) now has its own reality show.  I’m joining Team Meteorite. [io9]

If a movie makes it onto a “Most Forgettable Movies” list, does that make it no longer the most forgettable?  And why is my nose bleeding? [Pajiba]

Time-lapse video of the Northern Lights. [TWAN]

16 impractical superhero costumes. Wearing your underwear outside the pants with a towel for a cape is still cool though, right? All the cool hobos are doing it. [ToplessRobot]

What Twitter and Facebook’s top 2009 trends tell us about ourselves.   Our love of porn and captioned cat photos is greatly under-represented here. [Mashable]

VIDEO BELOW: Tom Wilson (AKA Biff Tannen from Back the the Future) incorporated a song into his standup act to answer the questions he keeps getting. [/film]

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