01.20.10 8 years ago

This was very nearly the banner pic of this post:  Nate Kaeding can’t kick. [NextRound]

This clip is called “The Big Bang Theory minus laughter” which is too vague.  That could be any episode. [WarmingGlow]

Red Band trailer for MacGruber shows the movie might be . . . good? [Filmdrunk]

“Powers” TV series still alive at FX. [ComicsAlliance]

Bill Gates is now on Twitter.  His first tweets?  “Hello World” and then tweets to Ryan Seacrest and Ashton Kutcher. [@billgates]

Video of David Letterman taking swipes at Jay Leno and NBC executive Dick Ebersol. [InsideTV]

China pulls Avatar from 1,628 theaters playing the 2D version, leaves it in the 900 3D theaters. [InsideMovies]

From the wayback file: David LaChappelle directed a bizarre TV spot for season one of Lost in the UK.  Needs more polar bears. [Unreality]

BELOW: Nexus One unboxing (with ninjas).

[Thanks to Dormammu for the picture.]

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