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You may remember that way back in 2007, there was an announcement that Marvel was working with the United Arab Emerates-based construction and real estate company Al Ahli Group to create a one billion dollar theme park in Dubai, that far-off land you’re probably never going to be able to afford to go to.

Now, no one’s heard much about that in a while, but some of the concept art for the park has leaked out courtesy of the park’s design firm, Chimera Design, who posted it on their website. And since you’ll never be able to get there, of course it looks awesome.

The park will apparently be based into lands like the Disney parks are, with: City of Super Heroes, Oasis of Magic, Marvel’s Mythic Mountain, Nick Neighborbood and Crater Lake in the center.

And no, it doesn’t look like Nick Neighborhood is based on Nick Fury, but rather, Nickelodeon, the network. (Is there nothing they can’t get their green slime covered hands on?) There’s very little info about what the actual rides are going to be, although at least one of the pics appears to be a 3D movie (with no rhyme or reason to who’s in it), a possible Spider-Man freefall ride and facades for Fantastic Four and Iron Man themed-areas (and maybe rides).

Now, of course, this is just concept art, so who knows if any of this will even end up in the park (or if it’ll look as good as this stuff.) Plus, we don’t know how the whole Disney/Marvel merger will affect things or if Dubai’s recent financial woes will put a kibosh on the whole thing. But at least this stuff is pretty to look at now.

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