McAvoy Not Doing His Best Patrick Stewart Impersonation?

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If we were unethical, we’d use James McAvoy’s joke about trying to bury Patrick Stewart’s performance as Professor X in a cheap attempt to grab eyeballs. But we’d never be that shameless. Well, we would, but our editor has asked us to class up the place, or it’s two whippings a day.

Anyway, McAvoy recently did an interview about “X-Men: First Class”, and explained his approach to Professor X; namely, that he isn’t going to act like Captain Picard, at least at first. Which is good because there’s only one Patrick Stewart, and the job was filled with a bald guy who has an extremely commanding voice. McAvoy said he’ll slowly transition from a younger Charles Xavier to the serene, kinda manipulative baldy we all know and love. Unless there’s definitely a sequel, in which case he’ll only be a quarter of the way to the manipulative baldy we all know and love. Wonder if they’ll simulate that with his hairline…

[ via Blastr ]

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