Mega-Shark vs. Crocosaurus vs. Urkel

11.05.10 7 years ago 3 Comments


All this can be yours.

Of course The Asylum is making another Mega-Shark movie and adding Urkel to the mix.  We predicted the same with our  “Asylum’s next project” mad libs.  The prophecy arrives December 21st, 2010, just in time for a romantic Christmas movie night.  Because nothing says “I’m gettin’ some tonight” like a straight-to-SyFy movie directed by Christopher Ray (Reptisaurus) and starring Jaleel White, Gary Stretch, Sarah Lieving, and Robert Picardo. And they stole their tagline from AVP: Alien vs. Predator, so you know they’ve been inspired by greatness.


Anyway, (spoiler alert!) Mega-Shark survived his epic battle with Giant Octopus (and that plane, and the Golden Gate Bridge), so now he’s fighting a Crocosaurus.  Don’t ask. Just lie back and let this happen.

[Hat tip and a piece of cheese to io9, UndeadBackbrain, and TheAsylum.]

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