More Characters Revealed for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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07.23.10 4 Comments

Why yes, that is Deadpool beating someone with the health bar.

The new Comic-Con trailer is out for “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds”, showcasing some of the characters while nearly giving me a seizure.  (But it’ll be an awesome seizure.)  Newly-revealed additions to the game include Super Skrull,

I’m reasonably sure that this is the Super Skrull’s first appearance in any fighting game (he was shirked by 1995’s “Avengers in Galactic Storm”), and judging from the trailer footage, it’s about time. [ComicsAlliance]

Indeed.  Super Skrull has some badass moves in this.  Trish is surprisingly badass in this trailer as well, but she’s still not my favorite Trish.

An official t-shirt found at Comic Con by DeviceMag also hints that Viewtiful Joe will be a playable character, showing him squaring off against Dormammu.  Joystiq also has a large photo gallery of gameplay screencaps, including the merc with the mouth grabbing the health bar from the top of the screen and beating someone with it.  Damn, Deadpool, that’s cold.

[Pictures via Joystiq and Kotaku]

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