Mr. Tumnus Is Professor X Now

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Fox, as you might have heard, has decided to reboot the “X-Men” franchise after letting Brent Ratner burn the entire thing to the ground, no doubt with Tim Rothman chanting “Take that, Bryan Singer!” the entire time. But they also want to milk Wolverine for all he’s worth, mostly by having him appear on movie posters for films he’s got nothing to do with. So, they’re adapting the “X-Men: First Class” comics, and that means both the classic X-Men line-up and plenty of recasting, because James Marsden didn’t quite get screwed enough on the whole screentime thing.

The actor stuck with the unenviable job of filling Patrick Stewart’s wheelchair is James McAvoy, who you probably know better as the whiny loser in “Wanted” who [spoiler alert, if anybody cares] manages to cap God and get in Lara Croft’s pants, or as a goat-legged abomination from a Disney movie who apparently needs to wear a scarf but not a shirt. Hopefully Fox won’t be retarded and at least make him shave his pretty hair, but then again, this is Fox we’re talking about.

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