Neil Gaiman’s Sandman TV Series In Development. Again.

Entertainment Editor

It’s only a matter of time before an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 75-issue Sandman series makes it out of development hell and disappoints fans.  Like the girl at the party who yells, “I’m sooo drunk”, the payoff for pursuing this is too easy for Hollywood to leave it alone.  Up until a few months ago, DC, HBO, and James Mangold were developing a Sandman TV series without Gaiman’s official involvement.  Now and for having the integrity to leave the show after the planned story arc was finished and CW kept wanting to produce more episodes anyway.

It also sounds like Warner won’t be moving forward with the project unless they can get Gaiman involved. Which . . . actually makes sense?  Whoa.  Mark your calenders.  TV execs might make a good decision.  I’m looking at you, whoever greenlit “19 Kids and Counting”. Hey, that gives me an idea. Why not call this, “7 Endless and Counting”? Right? Guys? Anybody? Okay, I’ll go.

[Banner pic by Mike and Laura Allred]

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