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03.04.10 2 Comments

Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) has handed in his script for Wolverine 2, based loosely on Frank Miller and Chris Claremont’s mini-series from the 1980s.  Slashfilm provides some script details:

Friedman says he’s been told the film features “a love story featuring a Japanese actress.” That suggests that the primary female character is switched from being Mariko Yashida, the daughter of Lord Shingen Harada. Mariko is forced into marriage with an abusive man, which Wolverine attempted to help her escape. In the limited series, Shingen drugs Wolverine and challenges him to a duel, who defeats him. Also involved is a female assassin named Yukio, who later became part of the extended X-Men universe.

Filming is set to start next January, with no director tapped yet.  Gavin Hood is not returning to direct this one, presumably because him and whoever decided to do that to Deadpool have been blasted into the sun.  Please don’t disabuse me of this notion.  Let me have this one thing.  Wait, two things.  That one, and this picture of Hugh Jackman.  And a pony.  Okay, three things.  It’s settled.

[Picture via retconpunch, written by Joss Whedon in this issue]

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