Piano Gloves…Yup, Piano Gloves, Bro.

06.02.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Fact: Piano Gloves get 12% more awesome when you take your scarf off.

When I was eight-years-old, my mother signed me up for piano lessons and said, “When you turn thirteen, you can either continue to play or never touch a piano again”. See, my mom’s mistake was that she gave me a choice, and consequently I took the latter and ran for the hills. Now, I suck at piano, I can’t read sheet music and some kid named Greyson Chance has over 24 million youtube views for singing Lady Gaga at a talent show for girls.

Well, good news for me today is that Scott Garner has sort of invented these things called Piano Gloves. Basically they’re a pair of gloves that you place on each hand, allowing the user to touch fingertips against surfaces and create piano notes; meaning that if you don’t have a full set of fingers or suck at the piano, these are the noisiest go–amn gloves you will ever wear, this fall season.

…the prototype gloves let the wearer play a piano on any surface via buttons on the tips of the fingers. Audio is processed via an Arduino microcontroller wired to the buttons and presently the software can be set to play a major scale or ten semitones, which would limit the gloves to playing tunes comprised of ten or less notes, but Scott is looking at ways to expand the repertoire. [gizmag]

I’d stand and give Scott a hearty ovation right now, but I’m wearing his gloves and worry that the subsequent applause would sound like a Hanna-Barbera piano getting dropped on someone’s head. Check the video below to watch Scott himself demonstrate the Piano Gloves in action. Skip ahead to the 2:00 mark if you’d rather not hear him explain the setup of the gloves and how well they adhere to a woman’s breasts. Okay, I made that last part up -Scott in no way mentions the setup of the gloves.

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