Riddler in Batman 3, Gordon-Levitt Interested

07.21.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

FirstShowing has a source with a Warner Brothers casting grid listing the Riddler as a character in the next Batman movie (still titled “Batman 3” for now).  That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise: the viral marketing website (The Gotham Times) for The Dark Knight included a letter to the editor titled “Dent Cannot Be Believed” written by Edward Nashton (Riddler’s original name).  The casting grid also lists Joseph Gordon-Levitt as “interested” in the role.  I’ll let them explain this while I squee till I pass out:

We’d like to point out that this news should be considered confirmation that The Riddler is the villain in Batman 3 and less confirmation of the recent suggestions/rumors regarding Gordon-Levitt’s casting as the enigmatic villain. A casting grid is used in the industry to keep production companies, agencies, etc. in the loop on a project’s progress and the roles available for actors to potentially take. These documents are used for business planning in the industry and by no means would use internet speculation to list a character that may not even appear in the film. But when it comes to listing actors, this is info that can change at anytime, and just because an actor or studio is interested in one or the other, does not mean it will actually happen. [FirstShowing]

I’m still going to assume this means JGL is totally doing it, because I have selectively-bad reading comprehension and the heart wants what it wants.  Meanwhile, /film reports that the film’s cinematographer, Wally Pfister, has said he’d love to shoot all or most of the film in IMAX if the script is suited to it, but he’s “not a big fan of 3D”.  He also compared 3D to the View-Master he had 40 years ago.  I’m keeping my various appendages crossed that this means the movie won’t be another unnecessary 3D bandwagon jumper.  Just think, a non-3D Chris Nolan Batman movie with the Riddler played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt?  Can I bottle this and pour it all over me while I sit in a kiddie pool in my living room?  What?  You wouldn’t?

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