Robot Chicken Crew On Menu At Fox

11.02.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

It’s bad when your own headline makes you kind of cringe, isn’t it? Yeah, anyway, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum masterminds Seth Green, Matt Senreich and Tom Root are working on an animated series for Fox.

Green, Senreich and Root’s project, which uses family life and a high school as backdrops for a wide cast of characters, “will have an aesthetic familiar to viewers of Fox’s popular animated comedies,” said Green, an original cast member on Fox’s flagship animated comedy, “Family Guy.”

If nothing else, this should keep Green busy as he does voice work for Family Guy and The Cleveland Show as well. I haven’t seen Titan Maximum yet, but I’m always down for more prime time network animation, especially if it’s not all by the same guy, I’m looking your way Seth MacFarlane.

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