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03.02.10 7 Comments

robothespian the robot actor

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate Disney World’s Hall of Presidents in your own home, it just got easier. Not that the difficulty was stopping us, as the RoboTaft currently lodged in my bathtub can attest to. Oh, RoboTaft, you can’t even take baths; you’re a robot. You’re like Pooh with the honey jar, so cute I can’t be mad about it. Who’s the only president to also serve as the chief judge of the Supreme Court of the United States? You are! Yes you are.

Um, anyway, there are four videos below of the RoboThespian, the acting robot. The first video starts getting crazy about 20 seconds in. He may be creepy, but at least he’s a more convincing actor than Kristen Stewart.


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