Rock Band 3 Rumors, Better Grab Your Sweatpants

05.28.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

I never really got too involved in playing the Rock Band games, though I do understand the undeniably stupid frustrations appeal of the series. I’m just more of a “learn only half of an emo song and then say that your hand was recently broken when playing it on an acoustic” kind of guy. Basically though, gamers are buzzing over a recent report from ArsTechnica in which they claim that one of their moles has insider information on the next addition to the Rock Band family. This time we’re unofficially awaiting the arrival of an all new “pro” mode as well as the addition of a keytar-esque instrument. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for them to add a Peter Frampton talking guitar.

Information about a keyboard being included in the Rock Band 3 package was teased in the Green Day: Rock Band demo [where the banner pic comes from -Ed.], and we have now been given some exclusive information by our now-famous Mole about what we can expect from Rock Band 3.

There won’t actually be a keyboard peripheral sold with the game; instead there will be a keytar-like instrument supported.

This will allow the focus of the launch to be kept on the software, and we’re told that there will be a “pro” mode included in the game that will require proper technique, and may lead to actual skills on guitars and bass.

I think it will be rad when Rock Band 12 comes out and it will require users to have an eight-piece orchestra backing them at all times. Again though, keep in mind that EA is still yet to confirm any of the above information, meaning that gamers may still have to wait another version before they get to see the keytar feature introduced. In the meantime, keep rehearsing in your basement with your cats and, for God’s sake, be sure not to break Hitler’s foot pedal.

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