Sawing Ladies In Half To Cure Cancer

Entertainment Editor
09.24.10 2 Comments

“Get in the box, mon chéri, and all your troubles will melt away.”

Janis Ollson from Manitoba, Canada, had been suffering from back pain for years before being diagnosed with a seen.  It was allowed to grow to that size because she had been misdiagnosed with pregnancy sciatica and never tested for cancer, despite having back pain when she wasn’t pregnant.  The cancer had spread through her pelvis, lower spine, and several bones and muscles in one leg.  Chemotherapy and radiation wouldn’t be an option, so doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota came up with an unusual option they hadn’t yet attempted on a living patient:

Ollson became the first person to receive a “pogo stick” rebuild, with her one good leg fused to her body with the reshaped bone from the amputated leg. [WinnipegFreePress via Arbroath]

A pogo stick rebuild?  That sounds like the coolest/scariest surgery ever.  Now she can get around with a cane and a prosthetic leg with a microprocessor, and also has a wheelchair to use around the house.  Earlier this year, her and her husband walked down the aisle of their church to renew their wedding vows for their 10th anniversary.

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