Scrap metal helicopter runs on cajones and double dog dares

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03.31.10 8 Comments

Three men from Somaliland dreamed of someday building a helicopter, so they gathered some scrap metal and windshields and an engine from an old van and built one.  No proof yet that it actually flies, but I bet it looks pretty pimp sitting in the yard.

The trio, Mohamed Abdi Barkadle, Saed Abdi Jide and Abdi Farah Lidan  said the purpose of their helicopter was to be used to fight fire in the city and surrounding area. They receive no major sponsors, financial nor material support from any one including the government, it is a three men vision and ingenuity.

This is the first ever helicopter built in any Somali speaking state. [SomalilandPress via RedFerret]

If this isn’t an elaborately-awesome prank, then the Somalian Air Force, helicopter division, now exists, sort of.  Congrats on the swell helicopter, guys.  Try not to die.

Check out the video below to see them start this up (but not take off).  Awwww yeah.  I like it when my helicopter shakes like a vibrating bed.  Now let’s get this two-hundred and forty dollars worth of pudding loaded up in the back and drop it on Djibouti, or on yo’ booty.  Gettin’ all humanitarian.  Awwww yeah.

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