Shenanigans Declared on Steampunk Iron Man Costume

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10.14.10 3 Comments

If obsessive cosplayers can’t be relied on to be amateurs making ridiculously-detailed costumes alone in their garage, then I just don’t know what to believe anymore.  It turns out the awesome steampunk Iron Man costume that won the Marvel costume contest at New York Comic-Con started out as a professionally-made and bankrolled movie prop.  The suit was made for the short film Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man at a cost of $4000 (according to io9) by a team of three professional prop builders.  The lead builder, Bill, wasn’t happy about the suit being modified by an ex-assistant for a cosplay contest and wrote a post online about it:

Just found out that the Tin Man suit was taken and modified into an “Iron Man” suit that won the costume contest at the NY Comic Con by my ex assistant. The suit was changed without my knowledge or permission and I’m royally angered by this action. It’s also sad to see that the only screen used version of the suit that exists, is now a cheapened knock off of a popular character. I don’t get people anymore and it makes me want even more to become more reclusive. [BleedingCool]

Bill has since deleted the posting after the assistant, Matt Silva, called and apologized for modifying the suit that had been given to him for promotion and display on the convention circuit, which he had already finished doing.  On the one hand, it kind of sucks when a prop you built gets modified when you weren’t expecting it. On the other hand, a lot of people would have never heard of this short film if the suit hadn’t been repurposed for awesome Iron Man cosplay.  That film’s after the jump, by the way, but I don’t recommend it unless you enjoy shouting, “Buy a new axe, ***hole!”  And I do.

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