“Smart Gun” Getting Field Tested in Afghanistan

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05.11.10 4 Comments

The weapon you see above, which looks like something Master Chief would be carrying around, is the XM-25 Individual Airburst Weapon System (video below) which will be field tested in Afghanistan starting this summer.  It weighs 14 pounds with a four round magazine, uses 25 mm rounds, and has a 700 meter range, but more importantly, it uses a laser to judge the distance to the target, then the soldier can adjust the distance up to a few meters shorter or longer.  When the round reaches that distance, it automatically fragments with the same force as a hand grenade.  This is especially useful in situations where a sniper is shooting from a window of a building with very thick walls.  A soldier can point the laser at the window frame, adjust it one, two, or three meters forward, then shoot a round through the window that fragments just inside the building.

The distance to the target is displayed on an optical lens with cross hairs that automatically account for air pressure, temperature and the ballistics of the 25mm round.  When the Soldier pulls the trigger, that data is fed into the warhead that then detonates either above or behind the enemy. The 25mm round actually has two warheads that provide more explosive than the current 40mm grenade launcher, [Lt. Col. Christopher] Lehner said. […] It’s projected to run $25,000 per weapon. […] The Army plans to spend $34 million on further development in 2011 with a production start slated for 2012, according to service budget documents. [DefenseTech]

Okay, enough with the serious stuff.  Can one of these be adapted to explode some paint at a specific distance, say, into a neighbor’s ugly pastel pink dining room?  I’m asking for a friend.

[Video source: Military.com via DVICE]

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