So Europe Has a Stupid Robot Contest

Entertainment Editor

The Baca Robo (“stupid robot”) Contest was started back in 2007 by art team Maywa Denki (that’s one of them playing a traditional Hungarian song with their “year’s Baca Robo was held in Budapest, Hungary.  The grand prize ($2,700, €2,000) was given to the robot getting the biggest laughs from the audience and the highest scores (on a scale of 1 to 10, why not in binary guys?) from the judges.

The video is below, but I’ll be honest, for something that’s supposed to be comedic and full of stupid robots, I was expecting more.  There wasn’t a single self-immolating pseudofurby or a robopenguin in the bunch. Get it together, Europe.

[Hat tip and one lap on the Roomba for the cat of their choosing to Engadget.]

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