‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Is Bringing In An Obscure Marvel Villain

Way back in the ’60s, when Spider-Man was first introduced, his greatest problems all involved old people. There was the adorably clueless and constantly sick Aunt May, of course, but there was also the Tinkerer, an old man who, underneath his junk shop, built weapons for supervillains and generally was the man behind everybody who annoyed Peter Parker. Now, after decades puttering in obscurity, the Tinkerer will be back.

Deadline is reporting that Michael Chernus, better known as Cal from Orange Is The New Black, is taking over the role of the Tinkerer. How, exactly, a guy who fiddles with supervillain tech will play into the plot isn’t entirely clear, but he does help the Vulture in the comics.

Mostly we’ll be interested to see if the Tinkerer is a mover and shaker in the plot, or if he’s just a detail added to give a little more depth to Spider-Man’s Marvel debut. Chernus is certainly busy, with an upcoming Netflix feature, an Amazon series, and a bunch of other jobs lined up. And, of course, this might mean more ties to other parts of the Marvel Universe. After all, Fitz and Simmons can’t be building every ray gun in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

(Via Deadline)