McCoy Sends Spock To The Burn Unit In This ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Clip

One of the more controversial aspects of the Star Trek reboot has been Spock and Uhura getting together. Some fans have objected that they would never work together, and that would seem to be borne out by this clip. But at least McCoy and Spock’s relationship endures as a heartwarming testament to how much they can barely stand each other.

The clip largely concerns Uhura trying to return a gift Spock gave her, namely her mother’s necklace. Spock, because Vulcans are nothing if not a people with class, firmly turns her down, and then McCoy shows up to call him out for being thick. Which, to be fair, Spock totally is. It’s weird how being raised as a robot didn’t prepare him for relationships at all, huh?

This appears to be early in the movie, and Bones lands this burn right before they crash the Enterprise into a planet and are forced to spend a lot of time together in an attempt to save their crew from Idris Elba. We’re sure that Bones kicking Spock while he’s down won’t play into this at all. After all, Spock is a being of logic, right? We’ll find out how logical July 22.

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