Stop Motion LEGO Meets Classic Nintendo

09.08.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Let’s play a game: Hipsters, Swedes, or Both?

The LEGO/NES mashup to the right is from Ninja Moped’s 8-bit Tour.  They’re releasing a LEGO Nintendo animation every weekend to raise money for something of utmost importance:

It is now also possible to become an official sponsor of the Ninja Moped so that we can afford to build the giant crossbow needed to throw a piano 100 meters (330 feet), see the piano project. [Ninja Moped]

Yes.  That is most certainly needed.

Check the videos below for LEGO animations of NES classics like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Mario Bros, Duck Tales, Rampage, Contra, Batman, and, of course, the greatest game ever: Pro Wrestling.  A winner is you, Ninja Moped.


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