Super Mario Galaxy 2: You Will Believe a Yoshi Can Fly

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05.25.10 2 Comments

“Super Mario Galaxy 2” has been out approximately two days, and somebody’s already discovered a loophole that makes the game vastly easier. You’ll just need your Wii-Mote, a razor, a roll of duct tape, and a willingness to attach video game controllers to your bathing suit area.

OK, kidding, kidding, though we’d lay down money that somebody has actually tried attaching a Wii-Mote to their nunchuck. No, actually, the loophole is unlimited Yoshi jumps. Provided you’re willing to put up with the shrill little lizard’s best Michael Jackson impersonation (how many “hoo” sounds can one character make, anyway?) and a character animation that looks an awful lot like Yoshi’s eaten one too many of those little red fruits and it’s now repeating on him, you can pretty much go anywhere you want once you’re riding the dragon.

…That came out wrong. Here’s a video of somebody jumping a lot:

[ via Kotaku / banner pic by Handre De Jager ]

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