The College Works of Bill Watterson, Before Calvin and Hobbes (Gallery)

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It’s been scientifically proven that only two types of people do not enjoy reading Calvin and Hobbes, those being: A) Nazis and B) people without heads. Point being, it’s pretty d*mn hard to find anyone who doesn’t take pleasure in the adventures of that boy and his tiger. And that’s always been one of the largest appeals to, Calvin creator, Bill Watterson’s work -there’s always been a level of nostalgia and heart that’s so simply inked audiences can’t help but identify with it.
*exhales bong hit*
Thanks to a former college classmate of Watterson’s, scans of his early work at Ohio’s Kenyon College are now available online. Bill drew comics and political cartoons for the college newspaper The Kenyon Collegian as well as the university’s yearbook.

“I didn’t know Watterson very well, but my roommate Jeff grew up with him in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We crossed paths a certain amount. I remember I had the same history class my freshman year, and we were in different classes for the same drawing teacher, Marty Garhart. Interesting tidbit is that Jim Borgman of Zits fame was two years ahead of Watterson at Kenyon, and also studied under Garhart.” [source]

A huge collection of Watterson’s work can be found here, while after the jump we’ve included some of our favorite panels. Hope you enjoy…again, if for some reason you don’t, you’re probably A) a Nazi -or B) decapitated.

Special thanks to geekosystem and Reddit user Zoombini.

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