These Links Can’t Simply Fly Into Europe

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Burnsy wrote this feature on the history of superfans. [Uproxx]

Wikus from District 9 calls Charlize Theron. [

Comedy Central signs Stewart/Colbert for two more years, may be in the same time slot as Conan O’Brien’s show at TBS. [WarmingGlow]

Mom finds out why her son got a lifetime ban from Xbox Live.  That’s a paddlin’. [Guyism]

I have no idea what this Japanese commercial is trying to sell, but it would probably get a lot of complaint letters if it aired here. [DoubleViking]

The production company behind Downfall, Constantin Films, has the Downfall meme videos taken off YouTube.  Way to not understand what free advertising is.  Who would even know your movie exists to rent it without that meme? [Urlesque]

Why am I not surprised I found this on 4/20?  “Ewok Karaoke” [CollegeHumor]

Speaking of 4/20, here’s a classic .gif of Thor celebrating. [ComicsAlliance]

10 ideas better than another Law and Order series.  They had me at the first suggestion. [InsideTV]

15 movie posters photoshopped with stars who were originally offered the role. [InsideMovies]

The elderly have the highest proportion of STD-positive patients.  Hang on, I have to go gouge out my mind’s eye. [Asylum]

VIDEO BELOW: I’m NOT Drunk: The Irresponsible Video Game.  I just hit the “Belligerent Rampage” button until I win. [via Geekologie]

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