Toby Kebbell Agrees With Josh Trank About That Version Of ‘Fantastic Four’ No One Will See

When it comes to Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, there aren’t many people that have nice things to say about it in its theatrical form. But as Trank noted in a tweet the night before the film was released, there is a version of the film that might be pretty good. The only problem is we’ll never see it. It is up in smoke.

And if you needed more confirmation, Toby Kebbell echoes the same sentiments in a new interview with Jen Yamato at The Daily Beast. He’s currently one of the motion-capture stars in Warcraft, but he had plenty to share about the Planet of the Apes series and his turns as Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four. According to Klebbell, there is indeed a version out there that’s different than what we got in theaters:

“I tell you, the honest truth is [Trank] did cut a great film that you’ll never see,” he said. “That is a shame. A much darker version, and you’ll never see it.”

On top of that, he reveals a bit behind his role as Doom in the film. He learned his accent, but he didn’t exactly get to play the character as many times as he would’ve liked:

“I spent so long figuring out an accent that was from the mid-Eastern block, generic enough to be a guy who then lived in America. I figured that out,” he grinned.

“Unfortunately,” he continued, “I played Doom in three points: walking down a corridor, killing the doctor and getting into the time machine, and lying on the bench. They were the only times I played Doom. Everything else was some other guy, on some other day… doing some other thing. I was infuriated that he was allowed to limp like that!”

He actually should be happy he didn’t play Doom too much on the screen. It wasn’t pretty when he finally got his chance on screen.

(Via The Daily Beast)