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It’s amazing how video games can sometimes treat a property with respect while movies crap all over them. Case in point – Transformers 2, which took all of our childhood memories, pissed on them like they were John Turturro, then threw them away in a corner and gave us whatever the hell they felt like.

But luckily, the trailer for Activision’s new video game Transformers: War For Cybertron makes me happy in just the way that Transformers 2 bad touched us. Granted it’s just a cut screen, so who knows if the actual game will be a hideous car wreck, but this trailer gives us classic Peter Cullen Optimus Prime (albeit in his futuristic Cybertron mode) and a huge helping of all the G1 characters we’ve been missing all these years. (Including a giant Trypticon that is everything Devestator should’ve been – namely something that you actually give a damn about.)

And just in case you’d forgotten how horrible the Michael Bay Transformers was, you can now have proof in ball form. Yep, custom toy manufacturer is offering to sell you the robo-testicles that Michael Bay added onto movie Devastator (which for some reason Hasbro left off the toys). They’ll be out in March and will cost you $17.95. And heck, if you’re going to shell out the money for a Legends Scale Devastator, you might as well have all the junk that goes with it.

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