UK Girl Plays Dead On Google Street View Better Than You

08.13.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Now I don’t normally post over the internet the street address of where you can find a nine-year-old UK girl, but little Azura here is a special child and has truly earned the notoriety. No, she’s not particularly famous for being the fastest kid in her gym class -she is however the leading champion of playing dead on Google Street View.

So the story goes, petite-sized Azura accidentally tripped and fell down, but then seized the opportunity to prank her nearby friend by playing dead. But before Azura’s pal could discover the joke the trusty Google Street View vehicle drove by, right on time, snapping image after image of little “dead” Azura. Locals eventually discovered the image online and immediately feared the worst: that an adorable, oblong-shaped Family Guy character kid had gotten dropped.

*removes sneakers and slings pair of Converse up over power line*

Azura claims she didn’t know the Google vehicle was nearby, leaving the public to assume one of two things: either Azura is telling the truth -or she’s the UK’s funniest dead comedian.

Go ahead, it’s okay, you can Google the address. I know you want to.

Thanks to Newslite for the tip.

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