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02.25.10 5 Comments

How social media works.

People who use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Foursquare, etc.) often publicly announce when they aren’t at home.  Now there’s even a website, PleaseRobMe, that quotes Twitter and Foursquare users who let it be known that they’re away from home.  PleaseRobMe also had a twitter account to retweet these posts, but Twitter shut it down.  (The Man is always trying to keep us down, maaaaan.)  In the near future, your home insurance provider may ask you how much information you give out online:

Darren Black, the head of home insurance at, said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if, as social media grow in popularity and more location-based applications come to fore, insurance providers consider these in their pricing of an individual’s risk. We could see rises of up to 10% for people who use these sites. [Telegraph, emphasis added]

Finally, my paranoia pays off.  I never tell anyone where I’m going, have the curtains drawn at all times, and I never answer my phone so people don’t know if I’m screening calls or out somewhere.  You can read more helpful tips on reducing home insurance rates in my new book, I Know You’re Trying To Kill Me, Paul Reiser.


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