Want to See The Best Samus Aran Cosplay Ever?

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11.30.10 2 Comments

Sure you do!
These images come from Jenni Kallberg, AKA the best Samus Aran cosplayer to walk the Earth. Kallberg, who also has several other extremely detailed and well-done cosplays under her belt, has already cosplayed Samus, building the Varia suit from “Metroid Prime”, but this suit is more detailed and has stuff like little glowing lights, as you can see.
If you want to get the full effect, hit the next slide for a gallery, featuring both the Varia suit AND the Gravity Suit. No, she didn’t include the Zero Suit. That’s because she’s already done it, hit the link up above to see that, you perverts.

[ via the Space Pirates at Kotaku ]

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