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01.18.10 4 Comments

ATM skimmers attach and blend in to a normal ATM machine to steal credit and debit card information, and are often paired with a hidden camera to record PIN entries.  Some even send SMS text messages to the thieves’ cellphones when a card is swiped.  These skimmers are getting way too sophisticated.  The one pictured above (and in the first picture in the gallery below) was found last month at a Citibank ATM in Woodland Hills, California.  It has all the hardware built into the innocuous-looking “insert card” sign and also includes a pin hole camera pointed at the ATM’s keypad.  The easiest way to thwart these is to cover your hand when entering a PIN and/or pretending to enter several numbers but only pressing the keys hard enough on four of them.  Or you could stop using ATMs and pay for everything with kool aid points like I do.

There’s a gallery below with a variety of these skimmers, so you can be as paranoid as I am. (Welcome to the club, don’t touch anything, who sent you?)

[KrebsonSecurity via Neatorama]

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