What’s Going Wrong With The Spidey Musical This Week?

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Hey, remember when the Spidey musical injured somebody?  No, not the most recent injury where an actor fell thirty feet due to a safety cable failing.  No, not the stuntmen breaking their wrists and/or ankles.  We’re referring to the injury of Natalie Mendoza, who got a concussion because some idiot left an extremely dangerous rope lying around and she got nailed with it.  You know, the kind of injury that shouldn’t happen if people are competent and doing their jobs properly.  The kind of injury that has you taking painkillers and nausea tablets in order to do your job.

Mendoza has obviously seen the writing on the wall, and is working on what’s politely called an exit agreement, because “screw you guys, I’m going home” is not, in fact, a legal way to depart.  Neither is “This bomb is going to explode so hard it’ll ruin any careers in range, so I’m getting while the getting is good.”

We’re looking forward to Julie Taymor insisting that this isn’t a setback, because she’s insane [allegedly].  Hey, here’s an idea: let’s just cut out the retarded Greek myth stuff altogether, mkay?  That spider totem crap didn’t work in the comics, we’re pretty sure setting it to music isn’t going to help.

[ via the safety advocates at the New York Times ]

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