Common Reveals His ‘Suicide Squad’ Role And Ice Cube Addresses ‘Spider-Man’ Rumors

Ever since we learned last year that Common had joined the cast of Suicide Squad, speculation abounded about who he’d play. The assumption was DC still wanted him for something big (he’d been previously cast as Green Lantern in George Miller’s unfortunately scrapped but awesome-sounding Justice League Mortal).

One rumor that popped up right away said Common would play Aquaman villain Black Manta. A later rumor said he’d be playing the Tattooed Man, a villain who can manipulate the tattoos on his body. However, that same rumor also claimed Scott Eastwood is playing Deathstroke, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

Now Common himself is revealing his character’s name, and it’s someone we’ve never heard of. In an interview with Complex (video above), Ice Cube and Common spoke about their quashed beef, Barbershop 3, and superhero movie rumors.

First the interviewer asked Ice Cube about rumors he’d been cast in the new Spider-Man standalone movie coming in 2017. He answered (around the 2:30 mark) with total candor, “If I’m not playing Spider-Man, I’m not doing sh*t. I ain’t about to play one of these side busters.” He then revealed which comic book character he’d want to play: The Incredible Hulk.

That provided a good segue to get a Suicide Squad exclusive from Common. He revealed to Complex, “My role is basically a character who’s in business with the Joker. His name was Monster T.”

To be honest, between the many tattoos his character has (man, they love tattoos in this movie) and the unfamiliar name “Monster T,” we’re not ruling out the Tattooed Man. Whoever he’s playing, I pity the fool that messes with him.

(Via CBM)