Will The Traffic-Eating Bus Catch On In America?

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You might remember that we’d previously reported on the traffic-gulping two-story bus that China was so excited about. Well, guess what? They want to bring that to America!

Will they succeed? Probably not, but that’s not stopping the founding of U.S. Elevated High Speed Bus (Group). They’re looking for a manufacturer willing to crank these out and in return the manufacturer doesn’t have to design the “Straddling” bus.

We will admit that at least the concept is pretty cool, and the design, which is powered by electricity and uses rails or small yellow painted lines to drive the bus (no, we’re not sure how that works), is pretty neat. On the other hand, this is a country that celebrates its ability to buy a six ton military grade truck and then use it to drive 300 feet to Lard Hut. Forget the creepy factor, they’ve got the much harder task of selling the US on public transit. Good luck, guys,

[ via Wired ]

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