X-Ray Pinup Calendar: Germans & The Japanese Working Together

06.17.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Japanese computer company EIZO has the right idea when it comes to promoting their high-end monitors to doctors: they get Germans to do it for them! HAHA! Through Deutschland advertising company Butter (pronounced Budddder or Butt -er or maybe Buttler), EIZO released a steamy x-ray pinup calendar and it’s already gone on to win awards in the land of scarves, New York City.

Naysayers are already blogging forums that the calendar is sexist and offensive, though I think the true victim here is the stereotype that guys can’t wear high heels and pose as x-ray pinups. I mean, I guess that maybe in two of these pictures I might be able to make out half a breast, but there I go again being sexist, because HOW DO I KNOW THAT’S NOT A MAN’S HALF BREAST?! Oh jeez, my mistake, I definitely didn’t notice that pelvis bone at first glance. Okay, now it’s pretty clear that these are in fact women. I am offended. My penis is not.

Image gallery after the jump:

Pics courtesy of copyranter. Special thanks to i09 for the tip.

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