21 Savage’s Mother Responded To The People Laughing At Her Son’s Arrest

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In the wake of 21 Savage’s arrest announcement, an array of jokes and memes about the rapper’s UK origins and the fact that he is being detained by U.S. Immigration officials flooded timelines. A statement from the 26-year-old rapper’s attorney delivered on Tuesday explained that, with the exception of a one-month visit to London in 2005, 21 Savage has lived continuously in the U.S. since he first arrived here as a seven-year-old. This important piece of clarification came only after many online had already posted their quips about the rapper drinking lean out of teacups, starring in Peaky Blinders, and having attended Hogwarts.

One onlooker who did not find the mass of jokes about the situation very funny was the rapper’s own mother. On Monday, Heather Joseph posted a series of messages on her Instagram story, speaking directly to those who were making light of her son’s situation.

“It’s a damn shame when we live in a world where people thrive off and feed negative energy.. laugh at others who are going through real-life challenges, fighting for their lives & freedom…sick of it! However, in the end people will see! This too shall come to pass. Free 21 Savage.”

A bail has yet to be set for 21 Savage’s release. His attorney claim that ICE has not charged him with any crime and have vowed to fight for his release.