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07.06.15 4 years ago


Have you had any of those types of conversations with Floyd [Mayweather], like that happened in the film?

50: Well, funny enough, Victor Ortiz was in the film with us. In the Victor Ortiz fight leading up to it, it was so comfortable. Victor is a nice guy, and he usually smiles a lot. He was so comfortable that I was uncomfortable because of what was on the line. So before I got out the ring, I told Floyd, I said, ‘Yo this motherfucker trying to make sure you can’t feed your kids.’ He said, ‘What you say?’ I said, ‘He tryna make sure you can’t feed your kids.’ In the first available opportunity, he knocked Victor Ortiz out and it just happened to be one of those situations where his guard was down. After the fight was over, we was in a van, riding from the fight and [Floyd] was like, ‘[50] be sayin some shit.’ He was still thinking about it. And then we had a scene like that, in the film, where we’re in the locker room and I tell Jake’s characters to drag him into deep waters and drown him. [Jake: Yeah, I loved that.] That wasn’t on the page.
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50 Cent & Jake Gyllenhaal speak on the upcoming film “Southpaw,” check out clips from the movie below.

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