ASAP Ferg’s Delivers A Goth-Trap Banger In ‘Kristi Yamaguchi’ With Denzel Curry And IDK

The trend of naming songs after pop culture figures continues, but on ASAP Ferg’s “Kristi Yamaguchi” — named for the Japanese American Olympic champion figure skater — he at least runs down the reasoning behind the title. Floridian Denzel Curry and DC rapper IDK come along for the ride, bringing just right amount of youthful energy and manic menace.

With a hilarious Bootsy Collins impression, Instagram comedian NickNack (“Oh no, baby, what is you doin’, baby?”) starts off the song and breaks in between the verses to sprinkle some trap-inspired insights, claiming, “I’ma call you ‘Kristi Yamaguchi,’ baby, ’cause you all over the world with it.” He also snubs various inferior brands of trap phone, expressing disdain for brands like Boost and Nextel, instead proudly claiming affinity for TracPhone and Motorola, because “n—-s can’t even track us, baby.”

The beat is a typically gothic-sounding composition of horror movie organs and nightmarish bass drum hits produced by Frankie P, and all three rappers issue the standard threats and flexes, but IDK comes out the clear victor in the war of wits with his anchor verse. “Check up, check up, check up, check up, I gotta check on my watch,” he declares, “I’m losing track of my time, ’cause I don’t hear ‘tick’ or no ‘tock.'” The wordplay in “Check on my watch” is near perfect, but that last stunt simply brings the whole metaphor home, implying that rap money has made him nouveau riche — he doesn’t even realize Rolexes aren’t supposed make any sound at all.

ASAP Ferg is currently touring in promotion of his 2017 release, Still Striving, with a North American Mad Man tour, supported by both Curry and IDK. The dates are posted below.