Azealia Banks Reportedly Ended Her Boob-Biting Legal Drama With A Plea Deal

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It seems Azealia Banks has figured out how to bring those assault charges against her to rest. Today, the rapper took a plea deal, halting the trail before it even began.

In the case, Banks allegedly bit and punched a bouncer who wouldn’t let her into a Manhattan club back in 2015. Just last week, a warrant was issued for the arrest for the female emcee in relation to the case when she failed to show up for a scheduled court date. That warrant was eventually set aside and though the assault charges won’t officially be set aside, Banks may get off pretty easily.

After admitting to “intentionally [causing] physical injury to Christine Soares by biting down on her breast,” according to Page Six, Banks has been sentenced to an anger management program, to continue mental health treatment and adhere to a restraining order. If she does all of this, the assault charge while be turned into just disorderly conduct, the same sort of charge one would get for peeing on a street corner. That would make it only a violation, not a crime. But if Miss Broke With Expensive Tastes does not adhere to those terms she’ll be faced with up to a year of jail time.