Bernie Sanders Admits Killer Mike’s Name Had Him A Little Worried

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11.22.16 7 Comments

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In an already strange election year, Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike made for the oddest of odd couples, but also one people tended to adore. There was Sanders, the affable, older guy marked by his progressive thoughts, and Mike, the big, burly rapping wordsmith unafraid to speak his mind. They didn’t appear at all synonymous until they sat down for a videotaped conversation where they exchanging ideas and showed the world how much more alike they were than the eyes could imagine.

But even Bernie Sanders had to be convinced Killer Mike was safe enough for him to be around.

In a newly published interview GQ, the former Democratic presidential candidate admits someone had to bring him up to speed on the Run The Jewels rapper. Obviously, the whole “Killer” part of Mike’s name had Sanders shook initially. “The name got me a little bit nervous,” the Vermont senator said. “But Killer Mike has never killed anybody. It’s just, he’s a killer rapper.”

Sanders was spot-on with his observation about Killer Kill From Mechanicsville, GA’s skills with a mic. But, he also quickly figured out that Killer, real name Michael Render, was a very sharp thinker who was well versed in history, politics and other heady pursuits. “Killer Mike is a serious guy,” Sanders said. “It turns out that Killer Mike is an extremely bright guy.”

It’s not exactly a sign for a potential Sanders-Killer campaign in 2020, but maybe the senator can squeeze Killer Mike into a cabinet position, if and when he were to ever to win the presidential election.

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