Even Beyonce Had To Come Enjoy Missy Elliott’s FYF Fest Performance

Fans were delighted to see that Missy Elliot was announced as one of the FYF Festival headliners back in March, and apparently, Beyonce and Solange were two of the eager fans just dying to see Missy on stage as they showed up to her performance Friday night to show some love.

The Knowles sisters even snapped a picture with Missy backstage, which she posted on Twitter, saying “Thank u to my good sis @solangeknowles u know how we do! #cancerseason!& my good sis ?@Beyonce they always have shown me ❤️& I am humbled??.”

And because the BeyHive is omniscient and never misses a beat, they dug up fan video of Beyonce, just off stage, bouncing around to Missy’s “I’m Better.

Yes, pregnancy may have kept Bey from her major festival performance at Coachella this year, but it wouldn’t keep her from showing up to support Missy now that the twins are here and slaying Instagram. Solange isn’t as clearly visible in the video, but the safe guess says she was enjoying the show just as much as her big sister.

As for Missy, her performance was just as amazing as fans had anticipated it would be, and judging by the response to her return, if the living legend decides to jump back into music full-time, she will be welcomed with open arms and elated screams. And Beyonce wasn’t the only celebrity to come bask in the presence of the legendary Missy, as she tweeted videos of Janet Jackson and Katy Perry grooving in the crowd as they enjoyed her performance.