Big Boi’s Son Is Drawing Interest From USC As A College Football Recruit

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USC is apparently trying to build up a college football recruiting pipeline that is made up entirely of the sons of rappers. On National Signing Day 2018, the Trojans earned a commitment from Olijah Griffin, whose father, Warren G, celebrated his decision to join the program by popping a balloon on ESPN.

Next up for USC is, potentially, Cross Patton, a running back recruit out of Atlanta.

There doesn’t seem to be much out there right now about Patton as a recruit. Thanks to 247Sports, we know that he stands 5’7, weighs 185, and is a member of the class of 2019. We also know that USC is his first major offer, as the only other two schools to extend him a scholarship are Seton Hill and Virginia State, and that he is currently not rated by the recruiting service.

Beyond that, we do know that he has a famous dad: Noted flag football player Big Boi, who congratulated his son on getting offered the chance to play for the Trojans.

Big Boi has tweeted about his son’s high school football career in the past, as he’s made it a point to use his Twitter account to get the word out regarding what Patton can do on the field.

USC is no joke in recruiting, so while it may be an outlier among Patton’s offer, it’s a pretty big endorsement of what he can do on the field if the Trojans sent him a scholarship.