Boogie’s ‘Came Up’ Is His Second New Song Today And A Perfect Display Of His Versatility

When we talked to Boogie back in May, he made one thing clear: he’s no one trick pony or one note artist. He’s layered, multi-faceted, and nuanced, and he wants that to come across in his music at all times. “I want to bring different energies to my tapes,” Boogie told us before a show in Oakland. “I want to take you through different emotions.”

His first set of releases on Shady Records, after inking a new deal with Eminem’s Interscope subsidiary back in October, perfectly display Boogie’s duality. Earlier today he released “Violence,” which, despite what its title may suggest, was a sullen, introspective number full of harmonies and a piano-laden production. It was beautiful in its softness, and that was just one side of Boogie.

Now, he follows it up with a second song, “Came Up,” and the rambunctious, energetic second single of the day couldn’t be more different than its soulful predecessor. But different doesn’t mean bad, as Boogie taps into another “energy” from his life, spitting aggressively about his ascension from being broke and keeping his close in a trash bag to sitting next to Shady on BET, just like the title suggests. The two songs are a perfect representation of everything Boogie stands for as an artist, and a teaser that will have fans salivating for the inevitable album or mixtape that has to be on the way soon. Hopefully.