Boogie’s ‘Sunroof’ Video Is As Vibrant And Joyful As It’s Supposed To Be

In an era where music is as abundant as oxygen, some music — even good or great music — is bound to slip under the radar and go relatively unnoticed. Compton MC Boogie very well could have been a tragedy of that setup, but one superduperstar co-sign by Rihanna and a couple of choice guest appearances and he just might be on his way to stardom himself. And it’s a good thing he found a way to poke through all of the static because his latest mixtape Thirst 48 Pt. 2 was quietly one of the best rap releases of 2016, and those who may have missed it just might catch on now that he’s back with a video for the standout track “Sunroof.”

On an project that can reach into some dark, gloomy places, “Sunroof” stands out as a beacon of hope and joyfulness. While he spends plenty Thirst 48 Pt. 2 lamenting on the doldrums of his many relationships with various women, “Sunroof” is him smiling and reminiscing on one especially gleeful connection. The video is equally sunny, as the song basically forces it to be, and should serve as a perfect introduction to anybody who missed their spot on the Boogie bandwagon last year. Even after Rihanna warned us all.