Boogie Decries Gangbanging And Spits A Monstrous Freestyle On The Sway Show

Compton’s own Boogie is on the come-up in a big way; he was recently signed to Shady Records — a signing that was celebrated by a fire verse of its own at the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher — and even got a shout-out from Rihanna in an Instagram post calling him her new fave. The “Won’t Be The Same” rapper now has access to all the resources afforded to longtime industry mainstays like Royce Da 5’9 and 50 Cent, and says he intends to use them to the fullest effect in a new interview with the hosts of Shade 45’s Sway’s Universe radio show.

He also reciprocates the love shown to him by Rihanna by joking that she’ll be his primary muse on his as-yet-untitled, upcoming album, shares the story of how his long-lost brother found him online after the Shady Records freestyle, and relates the downsides of growing up in a gang, all before blacking out in a major way for a wordplay-filled verse that proves he’s earned every good look that’s come his way multiple times over with his skill and lyrical dexterity. He even boasts that he screenshot the Rihanna post just to flex on his baby mama, although he maintains they have a good relationship. And just when it looks like he’s done, he insists the hosts bring back the beat for another frenzied verse.