Boosie Badazz Really Believes TV Wants To ‘Make Everybody F****** Gay’

Boosie Badazz made waves in late 2015 for expressing very critical statements regarding homosexuality in TV programming. At the time, he had just returned home after spending a few years in prison and he stated that he was taken aback by the prominence of homosexuality in kids television shows. More recently, Boosie sat down with Vlad for an interview and was questioned about the comments. Apparently, his stance hasn’t softened one bit because he didn’t back down on his stance. Instead, he doubled down.

“They tryna make everybody f**king gay. They putting it on our culture. They’re putting it everywhere. Gay stuff is everywhere. I think that they’re just trying to do it to make a monetary gain. They’re not doing it for the gays. They’re not really fans of the gays. They’re doing it for monetary gain, man. They try to make money off these people, man. You got cartoons that have gays. On Cartoons! These are kids. Let kids make their own decision if they wanna go that way. [A] six and seven year old, five year old shouldn’t be turned onto gay cartoon when their mind not even developed yet. What if they like how that cartoon talk? Now, you’re forcing them to be gay. Every TV show is gays. They’re kissing each other. It’s out of hand.”

He went on to say that back in his day cartoons like The Jetsons and The Flintstones didn’t promo “gay stuff” like having Fred and Barney kissing.

The conversation took another tangent when Vlad asked Boosie his thoughts on the molestation allegations against rap pioneer Afrika Bambaataa. The rapper claims he wasn’t aware of the situation and expressed his dismay at the thought of it. He says that a person convicted of killing 19 people could come to prison and be fine. But, “If you rape a kid, you will have the hardest time ever in prison.” He’s also asked what his reaction would be if one of his sons revealed he was gay. For Boosie, the solution is simple — “I’d probably slap his ass back straight.”

But, all of that side, Boosie says he has no problem with gay people.

“I don’t hate gay people at all. I know plenty gay people. But don’t force it on ’em to be gay. Don’t do that. I just feel like that’s wrong. I came home and was like, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ I was like, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ It was out of hand, man.”

Unfortunately, many of the other things in the interview he said seem to contradict that last statement from Badazz.

(Via TMZ)

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